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Presley Pinkerton
Born in Mississippi
16 years
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Family Tree
Shana Merchant

I remember your smile, your laugh and your great hugs when I needed them the most.  I remember watching Spongebob with you when you came over to my house when somethign was terribly wrong.. I remember when you would come to me and we would just both burst out into laughter because we were both thinking the same thing.  Our favorite song was "I'm a little tea pot!" You were my best friend and always will be no matter what happens. No matter where life takes me I know that I will always have you there. Maybe not in person but I will in spirit. And that is what gets me through my days. Presley Dawn Pinkerton, a.k.a "Pinkie," I love you bunches!!!
Hillary Wheeler
so pre :) been thinkin bout yu alot today.. more than usual.. ughh i jus miss u.. me and mary had a PRESLEY night last night.. just rode around talkin bout you like always.. I was listening to a song today ridin in a back of a truck and i thought about the words, it was talkin about how all the good people pass on.. not really knowing why but the ppl who would of made a ddifference and i was just thinkin if u were here today i would be up in ur room eatin a pb & jelly sandwhich and tryin to sneak in the kitchen without your mom seeing me.. haa great times with u my love :] sometimes i think about everything.. like the other day when i was so upset, where'd i go? yeah! ha ta u.. i got it all off my chest! ahhhh seems like yesterday we were actin dumb writin on the walls and ur mom tellin us we need to go to sleep but we just couldnt :)) everytime i think about you i just start smiling :)) Presley Dawn, you were one amazing girl & now your one amazing angel...
I love you,

Hillary Mason Wheeler.
Friends Forever.

I wish I could tell you how much I miss you.. Seems like everyday I find someone who will listen to me talk about you. You know, I miss you & love you... I couldnt say it enough.. but, i know that one day, when i meet you again...... Ha, well its going to be the happiest day of my life.. I thank God everyday for him putting you in my life.. It may not have been very long, but long enough for me to see that your were the best person. You just had a great heart... Would of helped me threw anything and everything. I love you so much. & i cant wait till we get to meet again. And I just wanted to thank you, &your family... Even though that might not have always known, but for taking me in on the days I just couldnt handle. You TRYED to fight for me many of times.. Haaa :) I rememeber saying PRE PLEASE!!!!!!! But you wouldnt care, and you would do it anyways.. To the family, thank you for letting me be her friend. I Love you all.


P.S.- Presley, when your looking down on me today..
Rememeber are "Pinky Promise"....
Im still keeping it.. To this day :)

I didnt know presley but i know she was an awesome person and she will be missed!WE LOVE YOU PRESLEY!
Miss Bettye

I think of all the times with you. I just start to cry because of all the tears of joy, then they go to tears of pain.  I just look around and c everything that was done by Shana and you. The plains that was made. The road trips was going to go on by using my truck,cause ya'll could put more friends in it. Most of all  I miss you being my other child. Example Disney World!!!!  How i keep up with all of ya by yelling maro pollo, them waiting for 10 kids to yell back.  I would count the # of yells them have to yell at Presely cause she forgot to yell!!!

Love you Presley and you will always b my other child!!

Like I told Shana that no matter where u r @ I will be there and Pres that was 4 u also. I hope that u belived that cause I was there wanting to hold u that night to make it all better ,fighting my way there to get to u! Baby I'll always love you.

Hillary Wheeler

I was reading all of the lovely memories, than I thought of one. Last night I was layin in the bed with Kayla, lol, and we were talking about her memaw passing away in septemeber. Then we moved to talk about presley and WhenI rememebered the memory i choked up telling kayla about it. Me and Pres was stading in her room by her tv and she said Hillary when we go back to school your dont think are friendship will fade right? I said Presley it couldnt fade even if we wanted it to.. Then She looked at me and stuck out her pinky.. And said Pinky Promise me, that you will never forget me, no matter what.. I stuck out my pinky and I made that promise and i plan to keep it :] iloveyou!


Merry Christmas boo!! You sister <3 hilll

Shana Merchant
One of the last things I remember saying to her is that I love you! She has taught me so much through the years. She has helped me with all sorts of problems. I remember many times where I would just sit in her room and cry. I miss her so much! I remember the day I spray painted her doors with her. When I left that day I was covered with spray paint...and marker.. I remember her laugh, her voice, I remember just about everything. I remember when we had our cooking show in her moms kitchen... oh my goodness.... Her mom got so mad when we poured grease down the sink....

Presley was all ways nice to her section in the band


Hillary Mason Wheeler

I rememeber the night me and Presley was headed for bham! We made C.d.'s just for the trip! we called it are 2008 Road Trip! We were SO crunk about it! :) we couldnt sleep we stayed up talkin to matthew and aaron/mark&randy for hours! finally at 5 we decide to leave cause we couldnt wait no more!! We ran jumped in the car went to the store got some burittoes and 4 red bulls.. lol we glumped em, and tore them burittoes UP! :D

when we FINALLY arrived, we slammed the bed. out for hours! It was the best weekend ever.. :) so many memories made those days.

(i really miss you Pre, and im not gunna forget you. i love you VERY much and I know you know that. Its harder than i would of imagined but your family, friends are making it easier. I can not WIAT to get to heaven with you, so we can act CRAZY up there :) god's gone love us!!!!! i love you. FOREVER♥)

Hillary Mason Wheeler -N- Presley Dawn Pinkerton Sisters Forever.. (no matter WHAT) :)))


shelly green

although i didnt know her that well i have heard that she was a very kind person.from what i hear i wish i did know her because she made u lagh and helped you!!!the good thing is im going to get to see her and get to know her one day in heaven!!!!matthew if your reading this im very sorry for what happened just remember that u ure parents and your family are in our prayers

    we all love you and are praying for you all

                                                   love always in GODS amazing love,shelly!!!

Paige Harrison

I remember her 'split personality'. If you saw her in the halls she was so quiet and soft spoken but as soon as the band room doors closed, it was a whole nother Presley. She would make us all laugh. And God did this for a reason but we will never know. I know her life now is a lot better than it was before. But ours is a lot harder without her here.

I love you Presley>>>>>

Paige xxx

Victoria Johnson

I rember last year in 6th grade band, she always help out. She help out hte clarnets the most . i  I LOVE U PRESLEY AND I MISS U SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!    

Hillary Wheeler

ha, I also recall a memory where we were just sitting on the same ole hill we always did. We were talking about everything, then we kinda stop talking and just relaxed and then all of a sudden matthew and aaron started shooting Bottle rockets at us! We jumped up and started running yelling, "Vietnam! Vietnam!" We were holding hands and running as fast as we could! Then we finally ran into her room and locked the door! We layed down and couldn't sleep!! (:

that night was SO crunk!

I love you, PrePre!!! (:

Nathan & Kacie & Karlee &Blade Pinkerton

Karlee Beth loved "Prissy"! She always wanted to go to Mawmaw Linda's to play with Presley. Although she never said much, you could feel hpw much she cared about everything! She will be missed and family get togethers will never be the same without her!

Kizandrea Pennington

Me and Presley were very close and i loved her very much. She was a very funny girl and she made everyone laugh. I never seen her mad at anyone, everytime I seen her she was always smiling. She was very quiet but when she got around her band family she would make everyone crack up, we aould laugh so hard we would cry. When you see us cry its because we know that if she were here she would call us STUPID and then we'd laugh again. The things that happen, happen for a reason and only God knows why. The family will be in my prayers and i love them and her very much.

Love: Kizandrea Pennington  

heather cox

I never acutually knew Presely,but I knew just by looking at her that she was an amazing person.Even though she is in heaven now she will always be remembered by her family and friends forever.WE LOVE YOU PRESLEY!!!!!!

Jessica Turman
One more funny memory was at the Falkville ballgame.Presley and I were laughing and i noticed that on the band uniforms we have these little plastic sticks hanging on the arms.She said,QUIT IT~sounding sarcastic~and not all the way intentional i was poking her in the face with it and it went up her nose!Lol!She goes;stop messing with my tassel!Presley also joked that she would hate to sit with me on the bus back home:this was after drinking a monster.Iu!

I HAVE NO MEMORIES OF SHE BUT I LOVED HER AND SHE LOVED ME  IF U LOVED HER SHE LOVED U BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paige Omary
i rember last year i  was still in the  sixth  grade band and  the  little kids  left and she  would come  set  with me  and mister east and  we  would  talk  about  things she  was a  gerat friend and we all  will  miss her we  love u   presley
Jessica Turman
I met Presley in band,and she is probably the easiest person to get along with.She was my section leader and I'll never forgrt her.At the  first few ballgames this year Laura Hinson and I tried so hard to make her laugh.WE found out that she laughed at the most random things ever.Her last football game i sat beside her and we talked and laughed with Samantha too.The thing she laughed at most that night is when we were moving down some on the bleachers and I wasn't paying attention.She pushed me (not hard) and I lost my balance and fell and I had a bleacher print on my hand and she laughed so long.Even though I didn't know her that long i have my memories and i will love and miss her forever!
Annette Wheeler

Presley was an excellent student.  She was much loved by her classmates and teachers.  Heaven has a new angel........

Annette P. Wheeler

Cynthia McCool
I remember all the fun times we had when we were little and stayed at her grandmas house and we loved aaron carter he was the bomb..And we were gonna camp out and we only stayed out there for 30 minutes cause we got to scared cause we were hearings stuff.presley was the best she was never in a bad mood always smilen everytime we passed each other down the hall and made u smile when u were sad or in a bad mood.i promise i will never forget u and will always miss and love u so much...I LOVE YOU PRESLEY!!!!
Destine Stokes

Presley was one of the greatest people that i have ever meet. We have some good memories, everyone she come in contact with love her. she never tried to be something she was she was just PRESLEY PINKERTON. You could tell her anything and she would just listen. She will always be remember by me my family and LCHS High School. I love you Presley R. I. P.  

Meagan Thomas

What I remember the most about Presley was cheering with her in pee wee. She hated it so much and told my mom she'd rather pluck feathers off a tweety bird than cheer. Ha. I remember swimming at her house with all the baseball players and eating hotdogs. I thought she had the coolest room back then. We didn't talk much when we got older until this year when I'd tell her almost everyday how close I parked beside her in the parking lot and how she probably wouldn't be able to open her door. She was an awesome girl and I think everyone will miss her.

Ryan Hawkins
Presley was like me she didn't care what people thought of her and was a Great Band Section Leader and was her own person.  She was also close friends with Mr. East, and other band members also.  Even though I didn' know her that well she will be missed by all of us in the Band and at LCHS.
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